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Seemark Enterprise Company Limited , is a professional supplier & exporter in China market for Cargo Security products and packaging material from the year 2006. We have been exporting our products worldwidely, and enjoying high reputation among our customers since then.
Shipping departments , container stevedores and freight forwarders worldwide are working with our Dunnage air bags , our million fold used and tested product. Not only those customers value the reliability and quality of this product. our new fast filling system is  the fastest in the market .
Our SEEMARK (SM) strapping and lashing belts are the first choice in this business to secure products on pallets, in rail cars and in inter model containers. our Composite strapping and Woven strapping belts are manufactured under the strongest quality measures . Together with our high quality metal & wire bucles they built one of the most reliable and economic strapping systems in the market.
Container Lashing, Container Awning and our Edge protectors are sucessfully established as supporting products. Besides, we are providing different types of Strapping Tools, Strech films, Adhesive Taps,Reefer Locks etc.

Our production lines are the most Advanced ones globally. more than 300 highly trained staff are employed world wide . German engineering and management is known for its quality and efficiency and therefor what we do .

Maybe more important to you: We've expanded our services to offer a true “one stop shop” for our customers.
All of our team are ready to assist you with the best solution for your cargo security!

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