WSTDA-T-1 Ratchet Straps SM-60-05

Code: SM-60-05

Item: WSTDA-T-1 3 inch*27ft  5000LBS/15000LBS

Belt Width: 3inch

Size:  27ft

End fitting :Flat hook

Packing: 20 pcs per box

Unit weight : 

MOQ: 1000

Wire hook , Chain anchor, delta ring can be selected to assembly with end fitting

Made from High tensile polyester yarns, 100% polyester lashing belt

Low elongation , wear-resistance, long lift st rap material 

Caution: not for lifting


Belt:       Woven Polyester Yarns

Hooks:   Double J hook

Ratchet : Standard Ratachet

H.S Code: 

Items per carton:   20

Cartons per pallet: 24
Carton Size :55 x 26 x 25 cm

Carton weight:  kg

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