PP90gsm Dunnage Bag 120 x 120cm Fast Filling Valve

Item: PP Woven 90gsm 120 X 120cm MV

Size: 120 x 120cm 

Unit weight: 0.61kg


H.S Code: 3923290000

Woven PP-90 Dunnage Air Bag with MegaFlow Valve (MV)

Medium Standard - AAR Level 1 - Size: 120x120cm (48x48")

Our Medium woven PP90 Dunnage Air Bags protect your cargo from sliding, falling or tilting. Placed in the gaps between cargos and filled with air, the bags allow no space to the cargo for any movement and they have a shock absorbing function to the forces encountered during transportation. You can always rely on SeeMark's woven PP dunnage air bags  in rail, road or sea transportation. 

The outer layer is made of a 90 gsm woven polypropylene fabric plus a lamination which is strong, durable and water resistant.
The air bags inside, the “in liner”, is made of co-extruded 105µ polyethylene (PE-mix) and guarantees perfect tightness even under high pressure.

place the dunnage air bag in the gap between your cargo and start inflating, using compressed air. You can easily recognise when the bag is filled enough. Then it sits tight and unmovable in the vault. Don´t over fill the bags to avoid damage to your cargo.
Now your cargo is effectively secured during the transportation. When unloading, just open the valve to deflate. You can use our dunnage air bags a several times.

using the right size is a key point to safe transportation. The width of the bag is most important and the length is dependent on the cargo.


- AAR Level 1 cerrtified 
- ISO 9001:2008 certified
- SGS and ROHS test report  
- TÜV certificate
- meet most safety standards
- 100% recyclable
- many times re-usable
- fast filling valve system
- very user friendly
- for all climatic conditions
- can request customer size
- logo printing possible

Filling Pressure

The maximal filling pressure is 20 kPa / 0,2 bar / 2,9 P.S.I. and the nominal burst pressure is 60 kPa / 0,6 bar / 8,7 P.S.I. according to the Eurpean standard, the safety factor 3.
Usualy the average working pressure will not exeed 5 kPA/ 0,05 bar / 0,72 P.S.I.


Inliner :Co extruded PE mix

Outliner: PP woven fabric


Max. filling pressure: 20kPa/0.2bar/2.9 P.S.I
Normal Burst pressure: 60kPa/0.6bar/8.7 P.S.I

Valve: fast filling valve
Standard Container

Items per carton: 230pcs 
Cartons per pallet: 2 
Net weight per carton: 139.3kg
Gross weight per carton: 171.3kg
Box size: 100 x 124 x 97cm 

40HQ Container: 

Items per carton: 270pcs 
Cartons per pallet: 2 
Net weight per carton: 163.53kg
Gross weight per carton: 197.53kg
Box size: 100 x 124 x 110 cm 

Pallet size: 124x100x14.5cm

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