25mm Polyester Composite Strapping SM85

Item: SM85

Width: 25mm(1")

Coil length:500

Linear strength: 785daN

System strength: 1260daN 

Packing: 2 coils each box , 90 coils per pallet 

Unit weight : 11.15kg/coil

MOQ: 90 coils

Polyester Composite Strapping 25mm 

Linear strength min. 785daN - System strength min. 1260 daN 

Polyester Composite belts are especially made for usage on rough environmental materials and sharp edges.  The optimise strength is the perfect base to secure the cargo.  Composite is made of parallel layers of single polyester threads laminated together with polypropylene.
It does not split, is flexible and can be used universally. The core of our composite strapping is made of untwisted polyester yarn. Due to our unique and patented process in manufacturing for untwisted yarn this strapping achieves higher strength and lower elongation. 

The special recipe of our polypropylene coating ensures an optimal compound with the polyester fibres and is at the same time resistant to most chemical solvents, caustics and acids. Due to its high abrasion protection it is well suited for products with rough surfaces and edges.


- High System Strength
- No damage or scratch on any surface 
- No corrosion - no splicing
- Comfortable handling, easy to push under pallets 
- Low investment costs  for this small, manageable system
- Retensionable & torsion absorbing
- No risk of injury for shippers and consignees in using or opening the strapping  
- Weatherproof (UV radiation)
- Easy disposable

Material:       Untwisted high tensile yarns with polypropylene (PP) cover

Paper core:   200 x 190 x 5mm 

System application : Galvanized/Nitrated wire buckles 25 x 5.0mm
Items per carton: 2 coils

Cartons per pallet: 45 

Carton Size : 40 x 40 x 40 cm 

Carton weight: 25.24kg 

Pallet per 20ft container :  12

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