19mm Hotmelt Strapping H60

Item: H60

Width: 19mm(3/4")

Coil length: 500

Strength: 530daN

Packing: 3coils each box , 108 coils per pallet 
Unit weight : 5.15KG

MOQ: 108coils

Hot Melt Glue Belt - H60 , 19mm, linear strength 530daN, 500m  coil

light twisted high tensile yarns, glue coated

Hot-melt glue strapping is the basis of current polyester strappings. Hot-melt has been applied for many years in all industrial branches and are gentle on delicate edges and surfaces. special for agriculture and waste management industry.


No damage to delicate surfaces since it is a textile material

No corrosion and its easy to handle

Low investment cost

Retensionable in case of volume loss of the packaging goods

No risk of injury for shippers and consignees when using or opening the strapping system.

High breaking load

Dynamic transport movements are absorbed by the elasticity of the strapping

Easy disposal – Weatherproof (UV radiation)

Material: Light twiested high tensile yarns, glue coated

Minimum linear breaking strength: 530daN 

H.S Code: 5607500090
Items per Carton:       3

Cartons per Pallet:     36

Net weight Carton:     15.45 KG

Gross weight Carton :    16.45 KG

Dimension Carton:  
33 x 33 x 47 cm

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