Strapping dispenser with dual handle DP-78200A

Item: dP-78200A

Weight: 20.4kg

Structure: 2 wheels , adjustable dual handle , steel box , for 78 and 200mm paper core

Application: Woven belt , baler strapping, Cord strap , PP and PET strap

Strapping dispenser for woven and composite strapping with 78 and 200mm paper core 

We need a dispenser as durable as a sledge hammer" ,  that was the target when we developed this dispenser.

On the other hand it had to be easy to handle and could not be too heavy. Quite a challenge.

With our new, all-in-house-made, high performance dispenser we are matching all our customers needs and wishes. The handle bar is adjustable in height for a comfortable handling. The heavy duty roll dispenser is extremely durable and fits to almost all strapping belt coils. It comes with two changable sets of dispenser discs: one for 78mm and another one for 200mm paper cores.

The double ball bearing center makes it possible for the coils to turn smooth and easy. But only as far as you want, the integrated belt break will prevent an uncontrolled unreel of the belt.

The ball bearing wheels, the solid stand and the full steel tool compartment makes this dispenser complete and a unique kind of its own.

 Material : Steel 

Surface treatment: Painting 

HS Code: 8709199000
Item per Box : 1 set 

Box per pallet: 16 

Box size: 48 x 61 x 68 cm

Box weight: 23.0 KG

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