Electric Strapping Tensioner BT-DD19A


Weight: 4.3 KG

Size: 16-19 mm , thickness 0.5-1.2mm

Application:  flat  or embossed   PET (polyester)   and  PP (polypropylene)    straps

Strength: 5000N

Strap seal : Friction and welded

Dimension: 34.5*11*15.5cm

Parts: 2 batteries, 1 charger , 1 tools bag

A popular battery strapping tensioner BT-DD19A  up to 19mm 

This battery powered strapping tensioner BT-DD19A , is using for plastic sstraps . manually use strap feeding device to wind the plastic strap around the box,bag, pallet . 
straps end is inserted into strapping too and automatically tensioned , separate after friction adhesion . 


Easy to use, the fuselage and lighter;
do not need buckle,frication hot connect,Beautiful and solid interface
Mobile and convenient, suitable for a variety of venues, large packets are applicable;
Body and component adopt high strength alloy materials and engineering plastic, durable;
Safety performance is high;
With no plug power, switch power supply is connected, relay disconnect the battery power supply.Without external power supply is powered by batteries。

Type: Battery powered 

Battery details: 
2 pcs lithium battery each machine(14.8V-4000mAh 59.2 Wh)

Charge time: 90 minutes

Charger details: 110v-245VAC   -50-60HZ

Lifetime:  charging 2000times

Max tension: 5000N

Item per Box : 1 set 

Box size: 47  x 20 x 30  cm

Box weight: 6.66 KG

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