35mm Manual Strapping Tensioner T-35A


Weight: 1.6 KG

Size: Up to 35 mm 

Application:  Composite strapping , woven belt

Carton Box with one Tensioner and spare parts ( 4x snop rings, 2x screw axis, 2x axis guide A , 2x axis guide B , 2x axis guide C )

Strapping Tensioner  for straps up to 35mm ( 11/8" ) T-35A   light aluminium body,

The market of tensioner is already overflown with cheap models made in China. 
Our T-35A tensioner is made in China too, but it contains advanced German engineering and knowledge.

While most of the cheap models are based on a ratchet system our model is equipped with two anti cycling one-way bearings. 
These bearings make the tensioner more durable and easier to handle. Less force is needed during the tensioning.
The special designed breakle shoe is made for all our strapping systems.
High quality composite will be protected. The integrated stainless steel cutter will easily cut any belt. 

Type: Manual,  one way bearing 

Item per Box : 1 set 

Box size: 19  x 44 x 15 cm

Box weight: 2.5 KG

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